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ZEBOTEC installs EMSYS Electric Drive for tourist boat on the Moldau

On the 30th April Zebotec completed commissioning of a 75kW Hybrid Electric Drive System for a 44m sightseeing boat. The system is used as a manouvering aid in normal operation but doubles as a fully electric emergency propulsion system. The project was realised in a very tight 4 month timeframe.

ZEBOTEC supplies and commissions REACSYS and SCADA for 5MWp Solar Farm in the UK

For a german EPC zebotec supplied 5 Reacsys Datalogger, project specific Measurement Systems and our SCADA monitoring solution. Our technicians travelled to england to complete commissioning almost simultaneously with the plant commissioning itself. In this way our customer was ensured detailed monitoring during the critical first weeks of system operation.

German solar breaks three records

“German solar demonstrated just what it is capable of in the first two weeks of June,” said Tobias Rothacher, expert for renewable energies at Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)… (more)

Solar costing a third of retail power

Germany introduced auctions to try to lower the cost of solar installations as it seeks to more than triple the share of its power consumption coming from renewables by the middle of the century… (more)


The beautifully colored wings of some butterflies manipulate light using engineering tricks similar to those found in digital displays. The
butterflies have black wings with bright patches of green and blue, which they use to communicate across long distances. Microscopic scales covering the wings absorb ultraviolet light and then re-emit it.

The re-emitted light interacts with fluorescent pigments found on the butterflies’ wings to produce the vibrant green-blue color.