Our technical expertise gives us first-rate problem resolution skills. We provide maintenance and troubleshooting services with long term maintenance contract options as well as rapid-response for short notice emergencies.


Automated Control System
The REACSYS ACS solutions are based on Programmable Logic Control (PLC), combining with Data Logging and Control functions. Tailored systems allow for total flexibility and cost-optimization. Simplicity is maintained at all times, leading to ease of installation and ease of maintenance.


Monitoring Software
For the Management of large amounts of renewable energy, the Zebotec SCADA solution provides a unique quick-response information cockpit, which enables the optimization of plant efficiency. You have full control and ownership of your operational data.


Sun Systems and Energy Storage
We design and deliver complete engineering solutions according to our guiding principles: performance through simplicity. Our extensive experience in modular concepts allows for ease of installation and ease of maintenance. We therefore offer extensive warranty and premium maintenance services on what we sell.


Solar Power Systems

We pride ourselves in engineering top-line Solar Energy management systems:

  • Complete design of solar generation requirements, from inverters to monitoring software
  • Extensive field data and benchmarking experience allows for projects to be designed with the highest performance targets.
  • Integrated solutions which are easy to commission, maintain and monitor