Control Electronics for
Energy Management

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Automated Control Systems
The REACSYS ACS solutions are based on Programmable Logic Control (PLC), combining with Data Logging and Control functions. Tailored systems allow for total flexibility and cost-optimization. Simplicity is maintained at all times, leading to ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

The open architecture of REACSYS allows for the integration of infinite peripheral systems. Safety is a key feature of our design and components are selected for durability and quality. Our modular concept provides for very short delivery lead times and, after commissioning, ease of maintenance. We understand that customers may want to retain property of their data on site, and REACSYS allows for this at all times.

REACSYS PV / Plant Controller

The Zebotec PV Plant Controller (PV-PC) is the interface between the PV plant and the utility company. Fulfilling all requirements of the German BDEW, it can be configured as required for individual grid operator companies. Inverter control is achieved via direct connection using serial or TCP interfaces. If specifically required, the control can occur via industry standard monitoring systems. The controller is designed for both central and string inverter configurations.

Plant control is an increasingly important aspect of new project design and existing installations often need retrofitting in order to comply with changing grid connection requirements. In both cases the Zebotec Plant Controller is up to the task.

Some Features and Benefits

  • Meets all BDEW requirements
  • Compatible with central and string inverters
  • Open protocols and development platform
  • Flexible configuration according to utility requirements
  • Many standard configuration available: Eon, EnBW,N-ergie etc.
  • Interface for electricity direct-marketing, increasing profitability
  • Remote access for service tasks
  • Integrated power meter measurements at injection point

Scope of Delivery Snapshot

  • Available as complete cabinet or as a pre-wired module for retrofit.
  • Project specific interface clarification with utility and plant operator/owner
  • Energy measurement: Inputs for current / voltage transformers or intelligent meter Modbus
  • Mobile or landline internet connection with VPN access (optional)
  • DC-UPS to meet utility requirements regarding power outages or disconnects (optional)

REACSYS PV - Data Logger

The Zebotec Data Logger (PV-DL) configured as an indoor wall mounted cabinet is the complete solution for gathering inverter, string and environmental data in a PV plant. It is an integral part of the control and monitoring solution for large scale installations. A local web server provides online data and is used for configuration and local service activities. Data can be sent to the customer’s SCADA system for visualization and analysis.

Important alarms requiring immediate attention are generated directly on the Data Logger and sent out via email. Like all our products, the system is scalable and configurable to meet specific project needs, with one goal in mind : increase speed of failure detection und reduce plant downtime.

Some Features and Benefits

  • Data Logging cabinet as integral component of park control system
  • Acquisition of inverter, string and environmental data
  • Preconfigured interface to REACSYS PV-PC plant controller
  • Integrated tools for advanced inverter diagnostics
  • Webserver for local data monitoring, configuration and service
  • Autonomous alarm generation and email notification
  • The number of compatible inverters is almost limitless
  • Use of open protocols and development environment wherever possible

Scope of Delivery Snapshot

  • Available as complete cabinet or as a pre-wired module for retrofit
  • Inverter Interface: Modbus, SunSpec or inverter protocols
  • Interface for environmental data: analog inputs (0-10V, 4-20mA)
  • Fibre-Optic Switch for park TCP/IP network – Software with integrated webserver
  • Project specific configuration according to required I/O
  • Mobile or landline internet connection with VPN access (optional)
  • DC-UPS for power outages or disconnects (optional)