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Monitoring Software
For the Management of large amounts of renewable energy, the Zebotec SCADA solution provides a unique quick-response information cockpit, which enables the optimization of plant efficiency. You have full control and ownership of your operational data. Information transfer packages, VPN connections and report configuration complete the monitoring package. Essential for securing asset safety.

Monitoring solutions for PV Plants play an important role in managing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The increasing number of components in a PC plant along with longer plant lifecycles leads to higher risks of down time, which in turn reduces energy production and revenue. Most monitoring systems do not provide customized solutions, leading to operational inefficiencies. The Zebotec SCADA monitoring software is designed to minimize production loss. Zebotec provides plant operators with the right tools, configured to ensure fastest possible error recognition and support the troubleshooting process. A combination of automated error generation based on data analysis and graphical data presentation in a specially designed user cockpit provides for ease of use. This unique tool is essential for asset protection and secures operational performance over the lifetime of your PV plant.

Some Features and Benefits

  • Data analysis and visualization is specifically designed to meet project needs
  • Based on industrial standard process monitoring software
  • Holistic plant overview on single screen designs
  • Remote access and control of individual subsystems
  • Data consolidation for ease-of-use
  • Exception reports based on performance monitoring, down to individual string or MPP level
  • Online plant configuration
  • Reduce on-site troubleshooting to absolute minimum

Scope of Delivery Snapshot

  • Requirements analysis together with future system users
  • System configuration and software license as purchase or rental option
  • Server rental and configuration
  • Integration of PV Plant data
  • Live Commissioning
  • Initial Report and Alarming configuration
  • User Training