A great team

Energetic and Responsive

About us


Our company is small. In this competitive market, we have learnt to deliver solid performance with muscle. By remaining true to our founding philosophy, we have achieved over 15 years of proven success. The people who form the nucleus of our company are passionate about what they do, and share their passion with our customers and business partners.

ZEBOTEC has a team of experienced engineers with the know-how tom design and deliver the right solutions. We come from a variety of disciplines with expertise in electrical, mechanical, software and process engineering.

ZEBOTEC has its own production facilities. We manufacture to custom specification and rigorous quality control is carried out on site.

Our philosophy

We believe in performance through simplicity. Inspired solutions to make things simple, user-friendly and durable. We believe that to succeed we need to promote employee participation and creativity.

Heinz Mauder
Managing Director

Richard Morris

Werner Neff