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Monitoring and controlling photovoltaic plants secure solar yields!

Zebotec has grown to become a leading independent system integrator for photovoltaic power plants control systems. Our systems for monitoring and controlling solar installations help operators to secure and maximise yields.

Our solutions are modular, expandable and manufacturerindependent. Zebotec’s portfolio ranges from standard packages to customized systems tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

As a certified partner of FlowChief as well as Phoenix Contact first certified solution partner in the field of renewable energies, we maintain a cross-sector industrial standard which offers us – and our clients – maximum flexibility and security.

We have been a successful global player in the market for PV power plant control systems for over 15 years. Based on our many years of experience and our PV expertise, we can support your project from the planning stages right up to the final acceptance test, as well as offer prompt support once the plant is in operation.

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Park control & data logging

The park controller amd data logger collect all the plant data and send it to the SCADA monitoring system or an external monitoring portal for evalutation.

Range of services:
• Grid security management
(German Renewable Energy Sources § 9)
• Reactive power control
• Telecontrol technology
• Direct marketing

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Scada monitoring system

Operators can monitor and control PV power plants using the monitoring software.

Range of service:
• Processing of large quantities of data
• Long-term data archiving
• Visualisation
• Evaluation and diagrams
• Report generator
• Service manager
• Alarm system
• Multilingual user management

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Service solutions for PV power

zebotec performs maintenance and troubleshooting for PV plants.

Range of services:
• Service hotline
• Commissioning
• (Remote) maintenance
• Inspection
• Troublesshooting
• Authorized to operate at medium voltage
• Specialized in central inverters


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Experience in the whole world

We design and deliver comlex systems and engineering solutions for a variety of projects. You will find a selection here.

Solarfeld bei Kempten - Zebotec

PV-Freifläche 6,5 MWp

Umfang: Inbetriebnahme einer PV-Anlage mit Zentralwechselrichter.
Jahr: 2006
Land: DE

Projekt - Zebotec

Trackeranlage Dresden 4,1 MWp

Umfang: Inbetriebnahme von 20 Zentralwechselrichter und einem Monitoring System
Jahr: 2007
Land: DE

Projekt - Zebotec

Bayern 50 MWp

Umfang: Inbetriebnahme von 63 Zentralwechselrichter. Inbetriebnahme des Monitoring und Regelungssystem
Jahr: 2009
Land: DE




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